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Slim & Sculpt

Are you ready to build long lean muscle, burn fat and feel confident in your body?

If so, the Slim & Sculpt Challenge is for you!


This 6-week, self-paced series includes nutrition guides, amazing recipes and on-demands workouts to finally help you achieve your goal.

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This is not a fad diet! This is a lifestyle.

I don't believe in fad diets. They don't work and the quick results you get from a fad diet don't last forever.  In fact, most people gain the weight back and more leaving them frustrated and discouraged.


The Slim & Sculpt Challenge teaches you how to incorporate healthy habits into your every day life with ease.

I believe in nourishing your body with whole foods that taste amazing, eating in abundance without deprivation and exercising in a way that leaves you filled with energy, not depleted.


If you're ready to ditch the rat race of fad diets and hardcore workouts that leave you drained, this is the challenge for you!

Inside the
Slim & Sculpt Challenge
  • 6-week nutrition & exercise program

  • Weekly nutrition plan to fuel your body and burn fat

  • 8 new fat burning, amazing tasting recipes to enjoy each week

  • Unlimited on-demand access to strength and yoga workouts

  • Weekly guides to help you master sleep, hydration, daily steps, stress and mindset

Member Transformations

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