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Why I Love Pilates

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I found fitness in my early 20's out of pure vanity.

I found myself slowly gaining weight and feeling sluggish after college while working a desk job. One day, while grocery shopping, I stumbled across Oxygen Magazine where I found the world of fitness competitions.

The women in the magazine were fit, beautiful and seemed to have everything I wanted... so I devoted every free moment of time to study how these women achieved this look. This is where I found fitness competitions.

Life is a Journey

At this point in my life I knew nothing about living a healthy lifestyle. I took everything fitness magazines and blogs said as truth. I found myself spending hours upon hours in the gym lifting weights, doing cardio and HIIT sessions as well as hours outside of the gym prepping and weighing out every ounce of food I ate.

I say life is a journey because this time in my life taught me alot. I truly learned about nutrition and all forms of fitness but I must say I learned in the wrong way...

But hey, sometimes you have to learn the wrong way to understand and appreciate what is right.

Competing led me to have an eating disorder, lose my cycle for 6 years, become extremely anxious and depressed, experience hair loss, have severe gut disorders, terrible sleep habits and I became anti-social because I had to spend so much time in the gym or preparing my food (plus I couldn't eat out because "it was bad for you").

Fast Forward

I am so glad for the journey that placed me where I am now because I now have a balanced, holistic approach to life.

When it comes to nutrition I choose healthy options and eat when I am hungry until I am satisfied - NO MORE weighing every ounce (thank God!).

But when it comes to fitness this is where I have changed the most. Now 15 years later I am more focused on longevity than I am aesthetics. Don't get me wrong, I still want to look good.

This is where my love for Pilates, tennis and long walks with my dogs came into my life. Today I want to focus on why I think Pilates is one of the best overall forms of fitness for all body types.

Pilates Benefits

  • creates long, lean muscles

  • amazing core workout - try it and tell me your core isn't on fire, dare you

  • incorporates strength, flexibility and cardio all in 1 workout

  • full body workout targeting all muscle groups

  • burns fat

  • helps create balance in life outside of just your workout

  • no need to spend endless hours in the gym

So if you're looking for a form of fitness that will keep you lean, strong and looking good I encourage you to try Pilates. Either go to a local Pilates studio or do a quick search on You Tube for at home workouts, here is one of my faves.

And remember, fitness should be fun not torture. Think longevity and health not just aesthetic goals, that will come with consistency to your healthy habits.


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