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My Face Yoga Transformation


Hey beautiful! I am so excited to share Face Yoga with you but before I start sharing tips and tricks, and before I launch our first Face Yoga training group, I want to share with you my why. I am 38 years old and I am starting to notice changes in myself that I am not 100% ready for. I have always been hyper observant of women older than me. I observe the things in older women that I want to embrace for myself as well as the things that I don't want in my life. I ask questions and try to gain wisdom so I can decipher what I want and don't want. But this has not always been a trait of mine. In my mid 20's I believed almost anything! One thing I was told is to start getting Botox as a preventative measure early so I will age gracefully, so I did. I never took the time to educate myself about Botox, fillers and other services to reverse the age of time until I found my Botox wearing off extremely fast. I was told I had a fast metabolism and just need to come more frequently, which meant spending alot more money. I felt something was wrong with this explanation so I began searching for answers. This is when I found Face Yoga! I was a HUGE skeptic at first but I was willing to give something new and natural a try… I mean, what harm could it do at only 10 minutes a day and a small investment in a course for possible lifetime results?! I committed to 3 weeks of daily Face Yoga exercises and was amazed by my results. Here are my 3 week results…

In just 3 weeks of Face Yoga for 10 minutes a day I noticed:

  • a more even tone to my skin

  • an overall lifted look

  • reduce puffiness

  • my eyes more vibrant!

This is when I decided I needed to know the WHY and science behind Face Yoga so I invested in Face Yoga Teacher Training and have never looked back. I am so excited to share the exercises that have transformed my face structure, skin tone and my confidence with you through my Instagram, YouTube channel and this blog.

If you're interested in Face Yoga, register for a spot in the next Face Yoga Group launching late fall 2022. This Face Yoga Group Training which will consist of 5 weeks of:

  • New group of Face Exercises to do for the week

  • Weekly group call to go over how to properly do the exercises and answer any questions

  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions throughout the week and share your success stories

Cheers to living a healthy & happy life together!



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