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Meet Kalene



Hey, I am so happy you landed on my website.  I have a deep passion for healthy living because implementing healthy  changes in my lifestyle has enhanced my life in ways I never thought possible.  I am on a mission to share it with you!

I believe a majority of Americans walk around not knowing how poorly they feel in their body.  What starts as a minor ache or pain we attribute to aging.  Feelings of fatigue, bloating, irritability, etc we attribute to being a responsible adult that has a stressful job and kids to take care of at home.  These minor nuances compound slowly overtime leading to disease and they are not arising just because of age, they are signs our body is providing us to make a change - we must listen. 

I once thought the same.  I grew up eating a Standard American Diet, sitting on the coach ALOT, and truly believing that with age comes the 'normal' aches, pains, medications, fatigue, body fat.... the list goes on.

When I set out on my personal journey to health I did it all wrong.  I did what we all think we have to do to be 'healthy' - go on a diet and move into the gym.  After years of doing it all wrong and experiencing my body shutting down, I was determined to learn a new, sustainable way that gave my body energy without feeling deprived.

That is what birthed the KHH Method.  I have learned that living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be a deprivation, structured diet that leaves you starving.  And - that you don't have to spend endless hours in the gym.  I'm here to share with you the small, subtle changes you can make to increase your energy, lose excess weight and enjoy life in a way you will love.

I don't believe in diet plans - flat out, they don't work!

I don't believe in counting calories or macros - that's a freaking job that no one wants.

I believe in adding one small healthy lifestyle change at a time so you can create something that will last forever and rid yourself of yo-yo dieting.  I believe you can still enjoy all the foods you love.  And I know that when you commit to change you will finally feel incredible in your body.

I look forward to watching your journey unfold.  For free information, make sure to follow me on Instagram.  If you need personalized help, head over to my programs page.

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